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The psychedelic experience is characterized by the subjective experiences that are unavailable in ordinary waking consciousness. It can also be said that the psychedelic experience is composed of the creative, philosophical, and spiritual vivacity of the human mind becoming "lliberated" from it's original boundaries. These states of consciousness are not exclusive to the use of psychedelic drugs; they extend far beyond the sole use of psychoactives (though psychedelics are the transportation medium to get you there) into meditation, sensory deprivation, lucid dreaming, fasting, etc. The experience itself is defined with changes of perception, ego loss, illusions, altered states of awareness, a connection between dislike ideas, and the like.

Some people see the psychedelic experience as overwhelming and overbearing, or are detered from even experiencing it from fright and ignorance, but others claim that the psychedelic experience is the most transcending, spiritual, and euphoric event that anyone can endure. The psychedelic experience is the release of the cognitive inhibitions and restraints of normal mental sobreity.

Level One[]

The first level, known to some as the, procudes a very mild "stoning" effect. The skin may feel slightly cold. Colors have brightened beyond normal perception. Communication between the left and right brain increase, causing music to sound richer and "wider". This is neither an intense nor intensely spiritual level, but slight euphoria and giddiness is apparent. This level of psychedelic can be achieved with moderate doses of marijuana or low doses of psilocybin.

Level Two[]

Colors become largely more pronounced and glittering. Slight shifting, rippling, and breathing of surfaces occur. Small patterns float on the surfaces of walls, carpets seem to rotate around you, and very slight tracers may be apparent. Thoughts becoming slightly confusing and formulating ideas into sentences becomes noticeably more time-consuming. The brains inhibitory neurons are being overrided, resulting in a vast increase in abstract thought.

Level Three[]

Very obvious visuals occur: rippling, flowing, glowing, growing, and shrinking, among other distortions in perception happen. Perspective warps towards or away from you (micropsia and macropsia). "Mother of pearl" surfaces (surfaces with repeating textures such as carpet, grass, gravel, sand, ashalt, etc.) begin to move and flow. Time distorts; it generally slows down or speeds up, or seems to repeat itself.

Level Four[]

Very strong distortions in relaity became present. Objects morph and fuse together. You personally fuse with objects. A personification of certain things lead to inanimate communication (things talk to you and may guide you through the experience). Simple patterns that grow into very complex fractals and scenery wash over various surfaces. A temporary destruction of splitting of the ego occurs; you begin to see reality in new, unbiased perspectives or live your life through other peoples eyes. Reality and time lose their meaning as out-of-body experiences and extra-sensory perception phenomena happen. Full sensory synesthesia becomes apparent (not just a crossing of visual and auditory processes).

Level Five[]

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