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Welcome to Psychedelia!

Psychedelia Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia focused around the effects, experiences, and use of psychedelic, mind-expanding, or simply hallucinogenic substances. Anyone with the knowledge of psychedelics (past users, current users, scientists, psychotherapists, knowledgeable and common researchers, etc.) can come together to show the general public the world of the psychedelic experience.


Psychedelia is defined in the dictionary as "the realm or artifacts of psychedelic drugs, art, writings, or the like". This means that anything associated with LSD, magic mushrooms, DMT, psychedelic art, acid rock, the psychedelic experience, or anything remotely related to the use or influence of psychedelic or hallucinogenic substances could be written to the fullest extent of your knowledge here on this wiki. We encourage you to do this, to inform the rest of the world about the magic of these substances.

The reason for this wiki is to not promote the use of psychedelics (especially when their use is purely recreational and not spiritual in motive), but it is also not to drive the average person away from them either. It is no question that the psychedelic experience can be a beautiful and life-changing event, one of which ancient people across the world idolized as a right of passage, if you let it be. Set and setting play a vital role in the making of a profound experience and before anyone delves deeper into the world of psychedelics, they should research the effects, dangers, and reasons for use of substances like these. This is primarily the ideal goal of this wiki, to inform!

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