Psychedelia Wiki

Psychedelia Wiki uses a rating system used to show viewers the primary danger level with a certain substance. It's created by a variety of criteria and shown as a number between 0 (essentially 100% harmless, even beneficial) and 5 (probably very dangerous for habitual or high dose use).

The rating is split into two broad categories: physical and psychological. This is because a certain very physically dangerous drug may not be that mentally damaging and visa versa. Criteria extends from toxicity, suggestibility, reasoning capability while under the influence, exacerbation/creation of mental illnesses, acute side effects, long-term effects, addiction potential, etc. Despite what some people believe should be the case, the system does not even remotely worry about whether the substance is perceived as "natural" versus "artificial", because that justifies absolutely nothing about the safety. Many "artificial" chemicals such as ibuprofen are vastly safer than "natural" plants like datura or hemlock.

0. Basically no risk. Physically the substance causes absolutely no damage in nonpregnant users. Mentally it would take months and months of chronic use to cause any problems with memory, concentration, and exacerbation of mental illness/truama.
1. Very slight risks, which include anywhere from a slight raise in blood pressure or heart rate to slight suggestibility. Mentally; still very much causes no noticeable changes, even in months of chronic/high dose use (about once per day).
2. Slight toxicity becomes apparent. The substance may be very slightly toxic to the liver and kidneys, mentally the risk of memory and focus complications may arise after very chronic use.
3. Slightly damaging to some organs over time. Slight risk of developing learning and memory problems, or very slight exacerbation of predisposed mental illness.
4. Cases of organ failure or overdose are not rare, but still not common. Habitual use can lead to brain chemistry changes, memory loss, slight dissociative disorders, etc.
5. Exceptionally dangerous for the body. Organ failure and overdose reported commonly, often with fatal or life-altering results. Mentally; underlying mental problems (bipolar, schizophrenia, dissociative disorders, etc.) may crop up, even after a few weeks of occasional use (around 2-3 times a week).